Corporate History

Nov, 2006 Ubee solution Co., Ltd. established
Jun, 2007 With business expansion, separated from Ubee solution Co., Ltd. and independently established company of Zexelon Co., Ltd
Jun, 2007 Shizuoka office established
Jan, 2008 Engineering dept. established in Solution div
Apr, 2008 Mounting type of “Free Wi-Fi spot” onto the Beverage Vending Machine business started
Apr, 2008 Started handling NTT product orders
May, 2008 Internet apartment “room de net” service started
Jun, 2008 Started business of Security systems (security camera, DVR, etc)
Aug, 2009 Established NTT div (renamed Infrastructure Network Div. in December 2016).
Jun, 2010 Entered into the Telecommunication business
Jun, 2010 Okinawa office established
May, 2011 Relocated Shizuoka office to Mie-ken, and established Mie office
May, 2011 Osaka office established
Jul, 2011 Headquarters relocated
Jan, 2013 Business support div. established
Jun, 2013 Established Tokyo liaison office
Jul, 2013 Relocated Mie office to Aichi-ken, and established Chubu office
Jul, 2013 Relocated Osaka office, and established Kinki office
Jan, 2014 Privacymark authorization acquired
Aug, 2014 Relocated Tokyo liaison office, and established Tokyo branch office
Jan, 2015 Relocated Chubu office
Jun, 2016 Acquired total stocks of Aphrodite Co., Ltd. and subsidized
Jul, 2016 Relocated Tokyo branch office
Apr, 2017 Mobile div. established
May, 2017 Integrated Kinki office with Chubu office, and established Osaka branch office
Jan, 2018 ISO/IEC 27001:2013(Information Security Management System), ISO 9001:2015(Quality Management System) authorization acquired